Pink blast

The floral arrangement showcases a lovely composition featuring delicate pink spray roses and charming wax fillers. This arrangement exudes a sense of elegance, grace, and simplicity.

At the heart of the arrangement are the pink spray roses. These petite roses feature multiple blossoms on a single stem, creating a cluster of delicate beauty. The soft pink hue of the roses evokes feelings of tenderness and romance, making them a perfect choice for conveying affection and admiration.

Whether it is for a romantic gesture, a celebration, or simply to bring a touch of natural beauty to a space, this floral arrangement of pink spray roses and wax fillers is a charming choice. Its simplicity and grace make it an ideal gift or centerpiece that will leave a lasting impression and brighten any setting with its delicate allure.
Thank you for your interest!

Thank you for your interest!

If you have specific preferences or requirements for a floral arrangement, you can definitely reach out us for assistance. We will be happy to help you

If you want to make some changes to the color, quantity, or have any other specific requests for a floral arrangement, feel free to contact us.